The FIS Conference has been focussing on levers for change in the construction sector, how we rechart a course and go through the gears to delivering a better construction product in a healthier and sustainable supply chain.  Each week we are debating the levers and barriers to change and two of the five virtual roundtables that we are hosting are now available for members to “listen again”.

Key themes explored in our first session Building Trends in the finishes and interiors sector were how sustainable the recovery is, what is driving investment, regulatory change, how the office is really likely to change from a practical perspective and what this means to construction and how wider design and specification trends are likely to be impacting on future works.  Without spoiling the ending, there was some cause for optimism from most of the panel.

In the second session A Path to Net Zero we explored whether sustainability is driving change and the pressure that is washing through the supply chain, focussing not just on how we react, but the need to be proactive as a supply chain.  “Don’t wait” was a key message as was the theme, which is further developing through our upcoming sessions, “how do we collaborate outside of the project” and focus on what is important and we can change.

This week our focus was Shortages, Employment Models, Recruitment and Competence and we move to Procurement and Contracts next week and finish looking at Innovation in the finishes and interiors sector.

You can get early access and engage in the debate by booking your place here.