Delivering on the commitment in the Construction Playbook, the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) has published the National Infrastructure and Construction Procurement Pipeline for 2021/22 setting out up to £31 billion of planned investment in economic and social infrastructure for the current financial year. It is the most comprehensive pipeline ever published and looks to build market confidence in the industry to invest in innovation and develop capability. Following feedback from the CLC, this year’s pipeline includes information on whether a project is part of a framework and if it is a consultancy or contracting opportunity. Looking ahead to the longer term, the pipeline also gives an overview of £650 billion of planned investment to 2030/31.

The IPA has also published Transforming Infrastructure Performance: Roadmap to 2030 which outlines how the Government intends to support the effective delivery of the pipeline by developing and adopting new technologies and ways of working and implementing the Construction Playbook.