‘Worth more than pay’ – sector experts debate the benefits of flexible working

Demand for flexible working has grown in the wake of the pandemic, but does flexibility fit with construction, and can it ease the sector’s gender balance and skills issues? Recently Build UK Chief Executive Suzannah Nichol joined a Construction News roundtable to highlight how it is key to retaining a more diverse workforce.

Suzannah said:

“We keep talking about more diversity in construction but we’ve actually got to do things differently to make a difference”.

“It feels like we’ve been through a massive social experiment over the last 18 months and the virus crisis has instigated many conversations about people, processes and productivity “that we’re not generally very good at having in construction”.

You can read the full aticle at https://www.constructionnews.co.uk/agenda/worth-more-than-pay-sector-experts-debate-the-benefits-of-flexible-working-24-08-2021/

Build UK has created a toolkit to assist businesses in implementing flexible working across your business, which includes a 10‐point action plan that companies of all sizes can use.