The Government has announced plans to introduce legislation which will enable CE marked goods to continue being placed on the Great British market until 1 January 2023. Although we are in a different legislative situation for the construction products sector, this new date for the end of recognition of the CE mark in Great Britain will also apply to construction products. MHCLG have updated guidance on GOV.UK (GB and NI) for construction products to reflect this.

The MHCLG recognised that as the pandemic continues to impact businesses, this has made adapting to the new regime more challenging and as a result the decision was made to provide an additional year for businesses to adapt to UKCA requirements.

All product sectors now have until 1 January 2023 to get ready to use the UKCA marking, with the exception of medical devices. The Government has stated that there will be no further extensions to this new date. The complete list of all the sectors covered by the UKCA marking can be found here.

Over the next 16 months, Government will continue to engage actively with industry and support their preparations for the new requirements. BEIS is hosting a webinar aimed at businesses on Thursday 2 September at 14:00. This is intended to help businesses understand changes and the actions they need to take. members can register to via this link.