CSCS and Build UK have published a six-page guidance document on ‘How to be a Smart Site’ to help realise the benefits of using Smart Technology to check cards carrying the CSCS logo.  It covers how to check cards that are already using Smart Technology, how to identify those which are not yet smart, and what to do in the event of finding a fraudulent card.  There is also a handy poster for use on site.

The guidance follows the update to the CLC Industry Card Schemes Recommendation in December 2020 to include a requirement that all cards displaying the CSCS logo must use Smart Technology by 31 March 2022, in order to provide the industry with a consistent means of recognising that individuals working on construction sites have the required qualifications and training for their occupation.

George Swann FIS Skills and Training Lead said:

“The use of smart technology supports the governments demand for proof of competence at all levels.  Don’t leave it to late get your workforce qualified and registered, we know a proportion of the sector are working without qualifications or card registration or are using the wrong cards.  Times are changing it will be embarrassing to have operative turned away at site gates.  FIS Approved Training Providers have a number of free of charge and discounted offers, take a look at: or give us a call on 0121 707 0077 or email”.