Being conscious of the ever-shrinking labour pool available to the finishes and interiors sector, there have been reports of up to 60% labour not being available by some FIS members.  FIS is running two projects specifically designed to attract people into the finishes and interiors sector.

FIS BuildBack accepts individuals from a range of backgrounds including HM Forces Career Progression candidates and clients put forward by the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP).  To help prepare the candidates for work, each learner receives training in Drylining Fixer, Boarder and are supplied with Personal Protective Equipment, a set of tools and a CSCS Provisional Card.  The candidates just need an opportunity to show employers what they can do during a work placement.  This may ultimately lead to a full-time work opportunity and will also add new talent to your workforce.  All of this is free of charge to employers.

The sector now needs employers to provide a 2 week work placement for these BuildBack candidates.  If the individual fits your organisation’s needs, and they are eligible (claiming universal credit) you could transfer them to the governments KickStart Scheme.  The scheme provides a grant of £1500 to employers willing to take on individuals for a 6 month work placement and includes payment of the national minimum wage for 25 hours per week.

There are currently 140 people available for work placement including candidates from HM Force Career Progression and the YouthBuild charity.  All have received introductory training as Dry Liner Fixer Boarder, a set of tools, PPE, a CSCS Provisional card.  Please contact Marie on 07799 903103 or email or Catherine on 07900 083325 or email for details.  If you employ any of these people FIS can help their advancement by providing further training as an apprentice or to the achievement of a vocational qualification, all free of charge to the employer.

To find out more about BuildBack click here.