The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is continuing to carry out spot checks and inspections by calling, visiting and inspecting all types of businesses as Scotland moved beyond level 0 on 9 August.

The spot check programme provides expert advice during the calls and visits, on keeping workplaces safe and to help assess the risks and continue to reduce COVID-19 transmission. The guidance also provides advice on sensible precautions employers can take to manage risk and support their staff and customers. Health and safety legislation continues to apply and the legal duty for businesses to follow the advice to stop the spread of COVID-19 remains.

The following workplace controls remain unchanged:

Businesses must also take account of requirements that remain in public health regulations and guidance for Scotland and continue to consult their workforce on health and safety. Talking to workers and their representatives helps identify how to reduce risk.

Failure to follow current health and safety guidance could lead to enforcement action. So, if you receive a call from HSE, it is important to act upon it.

View further information on the spot check programme.