The Scottish Government has issued a consultation “Building Standards (Fire Safety) – A consultation on external wall systems”.  They are looking to address issues in relation to the design and construction of buildings and the safety of persons in and around buildings in the event of fire spread onto external wall cladding systems.

The consultation papers can be viewed here. Members are invited to send their comments by Friday 1 October 2021 to so that we can respond collectively to the consultation.

The issues under consideration are covered in seven questions relating to:

  • The wording in the Building Technical Handbooks for domestic and non-domestic buildings of mandatory clause 2.7 relating to fire spread on external walls
  • Consideration on a definition and ban of the highest risk metal composite material cladding panels
  • Options to improving standards and guidance on cladding systems, including the role of the large scale fire test, BS 8414
  • Consequential matters such as exemptions for certain penetrations and openings
  • Impact assessment.

These proposed changes aim to improve fire safety for the design and construction stages of all buildings in relation to external wall cladding systems making them safe for those in and around buildings in the event of a fire.