FIS has been working with CITB and the devolved nations regulators to make changes to qualifications available for the interiors and finishes sector.  The requests included:

  • New qualification development Drylining – Fire Resistant Walls, VR355 v3 Erect fire resisting walls and wall linings.
  • New National Occupational Standard (NOS) for Operable Partition Walls ‘Service, maintain and repair operable partition wall systems’.
  • Additional knowledge requirement, ‘how fire spreads through a building and how to impede it and protect the structure’

All of these changes have now been accepted in principle and should start appearing as amendment to qualification in late September 2021.  Further evidence of consultation with employers is need for the new NOS Service, maintain and repair operable partition wall systems.  Details of this work are available at Interior systems – CITB under ‘Reviews’.  If you would like to contribute, please contact George, or telephone 07553 874838.