On Wednesday we hosted a webinar to review BS 8000-8:2021 Workmanship on construction sites – Part 8: Design and installation of dry lining systems – Code of Practice

The work began to formally review this code of practice in 2013, it has not been an easy journey and there are a number of similarities between this standard and BS8212 Code of practice for dry lining and partitioning using gypsum plasterboard Practice (1995) that needed to be taken into account, before it’s withdrawn.

After 20 years since the standard was introduced, much has changed in the sector and the review was driven by the need to provide better guidance for designers and to consolidate and provide a consistent approach to managing tolerances and a pressure on contractors to go beyond the standards and deliver even more exacting tolerances.  This has led to reports of fallout in terms of retentions and delays caused by ongoing snagging.  Completion of this work should provide a strong platform to focus a communications campaign from FIS reminding our clients, and those inspecting our work, how tolerance should be measured and managed.

The survey will be open for four weeks and the results will be fed back to the BSI committee who will also review the feedback from the public review.

A recording of today’s webinar is available here.

The revised standard will be available for public review later this summer, but ahead of this we are gathering your thoughts on the changes through an industry survey which you can find here.