With Brexit, the debacle that was the Eurovision Song Contest and an all English Champions league final, tensions with our European neighbours are running high and it is about to get worse as we send our national football teams into the fray to give them all a jolly good thrashing. Whilst this isn’t necessarily best for helping to deliver a pragmatic agreement surrounding mutuality of obligation concerns in the withdrawal agreement, it is a chance to celebrate and have a bit of fun.

In celebration of the Euros 2021 finally taking place, FIS has launched its own fantasy league and we are inviting FIS Members to take part in the hope that we can bring our community together throughout the tournament. We will be posting weekly updates on our Instagram page so please do give us a follow to help us keep you informed.

Feel free to enter as a company or an independent – warning we will be more diligent than the ECB in ensuring that names and communications around this league are appropriate and in keeping with all of our FIR policies.

To enter, click here and create  your team. To join the FIS league enter this code: 38WAY60Z10

(Rules – in order for us to see what company you are entering from please try to add that into your teams name)