This year already seems to be disappearing at pace and whilst COVID-19 is thankfully starting to dominate less, we are now looking at material and labour shortages and cash tightening. But beyond the immediate pressures, a positive is that conversations are intensifying around change – transformation driven by core values of quality and sustainability.

At FIS we are keen to support this change, frankly it is why we exist – we are owned, effectively as a co-operative, by our community to help make the market better for you and get our members specified on jobs.  In this work we are constantly asking ourselves and using our network to interrogate:

  1. How can we help YOU today?  By producing toolkits, factsheets, guides, honing advice, helping you secure funding etc
  2. How can WE be better tomorrow by working together as a community and being more than the sum of our parts?  Sharing, consolidating, research, standardising, benchmarking, finding economies of scale etc
  3. How can THEY help us?  How do we need to INFLUENCE the world around us to ensure success? Research, engagement, best practice, respect, lobbying, representation, negotiation and communication (key to this is showing we have the support of our industry, effectively researched and backed up views and being present when the debate happens)

To this end and off the back of a growing and increasingly engaged membership, our Board have decided to invest in two new roles. The first focussed on the vetting and technical support provided by FIS and the second to look at the opportunity that the net zero and wider sustainability work presents in terms of driving early engagement and improving the reputation of the sector as a whole and specifically our membership as value driven businesses and leaders.  This second role is on a contingent basis initially, but we hope with continued growth and support we will be able to develop the individual and the role into a permanent role.  Initially we would be prepared to consider secondment options to test and support our views about the ongoing requirement.

Both of these roles will help us to develop resource and add to the collective wisdom – helping us not just to do, but to have the time to listen and improve our understanding of our community and ultimately the customers of our sector and will crucially adds weight to our ability to influence.

Please do share an pass on details to help FIS better support you.  Together we are stronger.

Sustainability Champion

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Technical and Vetting Manager

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