If you are an employer that requires staff to travel regularly across UK borders, you must take reasonable steps to facilitate your employees to take tests.

To help protect the country from coronavirus (COVID-19), there are testing regimes in place for those who travel regularly across UK borders. If you are an employer that fulfils the following definition, then you must take reasonable steps to facilitate the taking of tests by your employees:

  • you employ more than 50 employees, of which some or all are required to take workforce tests, including agency workers you are responsible for
  • your employees are required to complete testing after international travel

As an employer your ‘reasonable steps’ to facilitate the taking of tests might be:

  • establishing workplace coronavirus (COVID-19) testing or providing your employee with home testing
  • supporting access and signposting employees to testing outside of the workplace

Remember:   A key consideration for any policy is that if you get a positive lateral flow test (LFT) which is confirmed by a positive PCR test, LFT testing will not be effective for 90 days after you have tested positive so you must not use the tests during this period.

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