To help specifiers understand the performance of wall mounted acoustic absorbers, FIS has published a new technical note, Specifying Acoustic Absorbers where they will be installed against a wall.

The sound quality of a room often doesn’t need a specialist to tell you that something is wrong. Whether it is an office, café or community space, it can sound like being in an unfurnished room and as people arrive it can become louder and louder for occupants. It is an issue that can be addressed by reducing reverberation caused by hard surfaces through the installation of acoustic absorbers on the walls.

The new guidance will help specifiers understand the acoustic and fire performance of wall mounted acoustic absorbers, acoustics and room acoustics, reverberation and absorption, conformity marking and importantly, their installation.

Iain McIlwee, Chief Executive of the FIS said: “The new technical note is aimed at anyone wanting to address noisy spaces by installing acoustic absorbers on the walls to reduce reverberation.”

This brief guidance provides information on how products are tested, what the results mean, what fire performance needs to be considered and what to look for in terms of how they should be installled so that they perform correctly.

“The positioning and installation of the absorbers can all have a big impact on the effect the absorbers will have, so it is important for specifiers to have all the informationduring the crucial specification stage ,” added Iain McIlwee.

The technical note is available to download at