CITB is changing its apprenticeship support to enable all levy-registered construction employers to benefit from an expanded support service.  Currently, CITB offers employer and apprentice support for its 7,000 contracted apprenticeships, about a third of the total number across the industry.  Under the new plans, throughout 2021, CITB will withdraw from the direct, funded delivery of apprenticeships in England, and instead provide a support service to all employers with construction apprentices.  Funded apprenticeship support will continue in Scotland and Wales, and the wider offer will also apply in those nations.

Support for employers will include help accessing grants; choosing the right apprenticeship standard and the right training provider; guidance through the Government’s online apprenticeships system; and building partnerships with colleges and training providers.  CITB will continue to offer recruitment support to employers who recruit large numbers of apprentices each year.

FIS is happy to support employer members apprenticeship needs.