This year, after speaking to the Prescribed Organisations and some employers, CITB decided that it was inappropriate to run the Consensus process when the external environment was so unstable and uncertain.  Their expectation is that, although some COVID-related uncertainty will remain, the external environment will be sufficiently stable to run the Consensus process next year.  The final decision will be taken by the CITB Board in February 2021 and before doing so they will seek views from the Prescribed Organisations, which are made up of several trade federations, as well as analysing other economic and industry insights to inform their recommendations to the Board.

In the meantime, CITB has been setting up the Levy Strategy Committee of employers and experts to recommend new Levy Proposals and support a longer term review of the Levy.  The committee met for the first time in November, but there is one vacancy for an independent member that isn’t employed by a Levy-registered employer.  If you have extensive experience of the industry and you work in an organisation that isn’t a CITB registered employer, please consider joining