The new points based system that will be implemented to control immigration from 1 January 2021 will have a significant impact on how and who we can engage individuals from outside the UK to work.  With most of the detail available, FIS is conducting a snap survey to assess the impact on your business and to support our representative work in this area.  Our concerns stem from how occupations have been determined “skilled” and the surprisingly hard line the Home Secretary has taken on shortage occupations.  This will not impact those workers already working in the UK and successfully applying for pre-settled or settled status, but will have a profound impact on our ability to attract new people (or indeed those who have returned home for a period before securing any kind of settled status).

To support our attempts to assess the impact, we have created a short survey in which we would like to gather your best estimates for your business.  We will be using the survey on a rolling basis and will keep it open until the 15th November.  

In terms of immediate actions, there is new guidance from the CLC that FIS helped to pull together Movement of people – what should you be doing now?   From this page you can also follow links to a more detailed explanation of how the new system will work, the scale of the problem and why FIS is concerned.

We are planning a planning a webinar to look at actions and options for later November, so keep an eye on our events page for details.