FIS has recently entered a new partnership with NBS focussed on knowledge exchange and better collaboration.  To highlight the potential we jointly hosted an event that interrogated a typical fit-out project and looked at the challenges and practicalities, questioning whether greater collaboration is a pipe dream or becoming a reality.

It was a fascinating debate and we’d be keen for it to continue.  We welcome your views on how we can, together, improve our supply chain.

You can access a free recording of the debate “Deconstructing Fit-out: Is greater collaboration a pipedream? here

This was followed by a workshop that focussed on the process of specification sales in an environment where architects and designers adopt more and more technology and digital solutions to assess, develop and protect specifications. We discussed how to position your product and influence the different people involved in the decision making process.

You can access the recording of the workshop ‘Specification sales, marketing and management in the digital age’ here.