CITB has approached the Department for Education (DfE) with its latest Levy Proposals, which will include cutting 2021-22 Levy rates by 50% for all employers.  In addition, by raising the Small Business Levy Exemption threshold for employers with wage bills under £120,000, the proposals also see an extra 5,000 small employers paying no CITB Levy at all.  The proposals were formulated following conversations with industry leaders, stakeholders and a cross section of employers during the summer on what the priorities for construction are and how to fund them.

The Skills Stability Plan 2020-21, launched just over two months ago, reshaped CITB’s immediate support for employers.  The Strategic Plan, to be published later in September, looks at how CITB can best support the construction industry through to 2025 and how they will fund this.  The effect COVID-19 will have in future is very uncertain, so CITB have built in flexibility to adapt and respond quickly if needs change.