Offering a trainee 2-6 weeks work placement may help bring new talent into our sector and give you first pick.

Your business will benefit from government funding while making use of potential talent currently studying a construction traineeship.  Employers can offer a trainee work experience in their business as part of a construction traineeship.  Employers who make new work placement opportunities available may also receive an incentive payment of £1000 per learner.  The employer commitment is a minimum of 70 hours of work experience, but no more than 240 hours for benefit claimants over the duration of the traineeship (maximum of one year) and as agreed with the traineeship provider.  For full details please read guidance on traineeship information for employers.

  1. Contact the National Apprenticeship Service to register your interest in traineeships. It is the same employer enquiry form as above for apprenticeships.
  2. Partner with a training organisation to design a traineeship to meet your organisation’s needs. The training organisation will advertise the work experience placement for you.
  3. Agree with the trainee and the training organisation exactly what you and they expect from the work placement. Register as an employer to track your vacancies on the apprenticeship vacancy system and view applications.

After the work placement ends the employer should offer the trainee an interview for an apprenticeship place.  If the trainee is successful, the employer will then be eligible for further funding.