The CLC has issued a Contracts and Disputes Survey to understand the nature and extent of commercial issues within the industry. The findings will inform a review and any updates to the CLC’s guidance and the deadline for responses is Friday 21 August.

As part of the Construction Leadership Council’s Industry Recovery Roadmap Phase 1: Reset target of minimising disruption, the CLC Disputes & Collaboration workstream have published guidance and templates (7th May and 14th July respectively) in order to support industry to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on project delivery and business resilience.

However, to set the direction of future work in this area, the CLC Disputes & Collaboration Workstream have compiled a short survey to ascertain the nature and extent of the challenges industry is currently facing.

Please help us help you, by taking the time to fill in this short set of questions about the commercial challenges you are or will be facing.

You can complete the survey here

At the same time Build UK has updated its payment performance table in line with the latest results published under the Duty to Report on Payment Practices and Performance, which show that standards of payment performance have been upheld during extremely challenging circumstances. Build UK Contractor members have maintained an average of 36 days to pay invoices in the first half of the year. On average, they now pay 92% of their invoices within 60 days and 75% within terms.

In response to feedback, Build UK’s table has been expanded with more than 40 of the industry’s largest companies, including clients, housebuilders and contractors, to provide a more coherent picture of payment practices within construction than ever before.

You can view payment performance table here.