Retaining Talent in Construction reveals an anticipated reduction of 9.9% in the construction workforce by September. In the longer term, 43% of respondents expect to make redundancies, with up to 20% of their workforce being affected. 6.7% of apprentices are likely to lose their jobs by September, and 60% of respondents are looking to take on fewer apprentices at the next intake.

The cross-industry ‘People Survey’ was carried out by Build UK on behalf of the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) at the start of June 2020 to provide a snapshot of how a reduced workload post coronavirus (COVID-19) may affect the construction workforce.

In the wake of recent cuts announced by Travis Perkins, the report reinforces the need to look to targeted support for construction businesses, stimulus for construction works and a supply chain focus on extending the benefit of pipeline through to all employers in the supply chain, through earlier engagement and better planning.

Speaking on the launch of the report FIS CEO, Iain McIlwee commented: “The numbers give us a feel for what the future could look like if key issues related to support for apprentices, encouragement to retain, incentives to build and better planning of the pipeline aren’t addressed.  We talk about the new normal, but numbers like this are a stark reminder of how tough it will be for many if swift action is not taken to support the industry.  Just to put it in to context, 20% of the construction workforce is around a quarter of a million people!  We need to look to Government for stimulus, but better and earlier planning and procurement is in our hands – as well as improving confidence and preventing decisions based on short term survival, it will also lead to better quality and support much needed investment in automation, digital and off-site solutions”.

You can read the full report Retaining Talent in Construction here