Almost 10 million people in the UK today are deaf or have some degree of hearing loss, this figure is rising. There are strong links between hearing loss, anxiety and depression and even dementia and it is therefore no surprise that Occupational Deafness represents the highest volumes of Employer Liability Claims in the UK, in fact in 2015/2016 it represented more than all other claims in this category (including asbestosis, RSI, vibration and breathing issues) put together.

This webinar looks at the issue of occupational deafness and how we as employers can start to raise awareness of the issue and adopt safe working practices and ensure that the products, processes and people that we work with combine to deliver a safer culture.

“I never wore ear defenders when I was on the tools. I was invincible so didn’t need them right ? Errrrmm turns out nope, here I am 30 years later and suffer from tinnitus and hearing lose in my left ear. In 1994 my daughter was born deaf, she didn’t have a choice, I did but I knew better !!. What a plank. The young “invincible” guys are still out there but hopefully it’s becoming less acceptable to be so reckless.”
Jim Hannon, Partner at LFS

This webinar is a collaboration between the British Safety Industry Federation and the Finishes and Interiors Sector (FIS) and will be chaired by Alan Murray, CEO of the British Safety Industry Federation .

Our speaker is David Greenberg, CEO at Eave:
David was inspired to establish Eave when practicing as an NHS Audiological Clinician when he realised he was treating the symptom and not the cause – over 46 million people in Europe work in dangerous noise levels. He founded Eave to develop and apply cutting edge technology to solve the global challenge of Noise Induced Hearing Loss. David holds a PhD in Auditory Neuroscience.

This webinar is being run in support of Tinnitus Week in 2020 (3-9 February 2020) For more information, please visit the British Tinnitus Association website