FIS Technical Director Joe Cilia was delighted to be asked to join the Specifi 100 Voices speaker series at the Specifi London Interiors Roadshow event on Wednesday 5 February 2020.  The event brings together 100 thought leaders and activists across the construction sector to explore how this climate and biodiversity emergency declaration can be turned into practical action, the obstacles that must be overcome, and the tools available to specifiers to move towards the net-zero future.

Joe presented on how office partitioning has developed over the years to meet the changing requirements and functions of people within offices, how technology has allowed new ways of working and enabled flexibility within the work force and manufacturers have reacted to this demand for flexible layouts by developing relocatable and not just demountable partitions, that can be reused and are designed for deconstruction. 

The event was a great opportunity for us to update specifiers present about the best practice advice available from the FIS including the amazing vetted membership.