The Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC) is looking for individuals to join its Supporting Small Employers working group.

The Health and Safety Executive is supported by a range of advisory committees and industry groups. These bodies may be concerned with health and safety in a particular industry or sector or with particular hazards present across a range of industry sectors. One such group is the Construction Industry Advisory Committee.

If you have a passion for improving the health, safety and wellbeing performance of the construction industry; work for a small/medium company and think you could make a difference and are willing to try; then you could be the person CONIAC is looking for.

Small and medium sized construction companies face particular health, safety and wellbeing (HS&W) challenges. The Supporting Small Employers Working Group (SSE WG) is tasked with both understanding these challenges and for proposing ways by which small companies can better manage HS&W risks faced by their workers.

To help further the work of the SSE WG individuals are being sought who would be willing to participate in the work of this group. The WG will benefit from hearing first-hand experience of the challenges small companies are facing and how those challenges are being met. The expectation is to attend four meetings a year and to undertake the reading and preparation required for these meetings; meetings are generally held in central London.

To get more information and to express and interest please contact one of the following Working Group members

Ade Ige
Kevin Fear