JCT has released more of its 2016 Edition of contracts online via its JCT On Demand digital service.

The contract families included are the JCT Standard Building Contract (Standard Building Contract With Quantities (SBC/Q), Standard Building Contract Without Quantities (SBC/XQ), and Standard Building Contract With Approximate Quantities (SBC/AQ)), and the JCT Intermediate Building Contract (Intermediate Building Contract (IC), and Intermediate Building Contract with contractor’s design (ICD)).

Digital versions of the guides corresponding with each family, namely the Standard Building Contract Guide (SBC/G) and Intermediate Building Contract Guide (IC/G) are also available to purchase via the service.

These products join the other JCT contracts available via JCT On Demand, including the Minor Works Building Contracts and Design and Build Contract.

The JCT On Demand contracts can be purchased via JCT’s online store, by visiting the relevant product page and selecting the ‘JCT On Demand’ option from the format box.

JCT On Demand provides users with a digital equivalent of the JCT hardcopy contract. By purchasing via the JCT online store, users can get instant online access. The secure and intuitive interface enables users to fill in their contract using a comprehensive Q&A process, save their drafts, and print out ready for signing.

The service is aimed at those who want instant access to their JCT contract, guidance in filling out the contract comprehensively, and the ability to print out a professional black-and-white copy and a comparison document showing their customised contract against the original JCT text.

More information about the service is available at jctltd.co.uk/jct-on-demand.