FIS responded in February to the latest Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) consultation on the role of offsite construction in continuously improving the delivery of major government projects. This consultation builds on both the Farmer Review and The House of Lords’ Science and Technology Committee’s July 2018 inquiry into Offsite Manufacture for Construction looking at innovative construction practices that deliver better outcomes in terms of productivity, predictability and attacking the skills crisis.

In our response FIS reminds the IPA that offsite is not just about structures, but through the use of pre-manufactured systems (e.g. bathroom pods and other interior systems) has potential to support productivity in the interiors sector.  FIS calls for recognition that earlier engagement with the supply chain to ensure buildability is critical and rather than value engineering individual projects, looking at multi-project partnerships with a consistent supply chain approach would help to create the necessary economies of scale to drive investment in off-site opportunities.

This is becoming an increasingly important emerging subject for FIS to focus.  We are interested to hear from members case studies, examples of best practice or problems encountered as they start to encounter and develop offsite solutions.  Please send examples, comments and thoughts through to