We have seen further flurries of activity from the Civil Service this week as the likelihood of a No Deal increases.  In terms of your planning, we are keeping the Brexit checklist up to date and recommend a focus on helping your team to understand the implication of Settled Status (applicable to those from the EU27 who arrived before March 29th).  We also had an update this week on the European Temporary Leave to Remain, which will apply to those arriving after 29 March.  This has been absorbed now into the checklist.  You may already have seen the interesting report from Ranstaad that analyses the current mood of EU27 workers, the stat that jumps out is 1 in 5 are undecided as to whether they’ll stay or leave 81% wouldn’t consider leaving until after 29 March.  More here.

The impact of delay clauses was also discussed at a BuildUK meeting this week and remains a concern.  We continue to put pressure on Government to ensure that these are not applied through any public sector works and on the wider client audience to be reasonable about how they are imposed, but some legal wrangling may still apply.  Remember FIS has a legal helpline that you can use.   Do feel free to fire in any questions, concerns or comments to us and we will seek to build the answers into our ongoing work.

You can access the FIS Checklist here.