After Brexit on 29 March 2019, UK businesses that manufacture or import chemicals from the EU will have to register those chemicals to the new UK regulatory system – UK REACH – using its associated UK REACH IT system. In support of this new registration system DEFRA has been inviting individual businesses to participate in their Model Office testing programme for the new UK REACH IT system and now wish to extend this an invitation to the FIS membership.

Full details from DEFRA are below including the dates for the testing programme, together with important relevant information concerning the version of IUCLID to be used. If you are wishing to participate please email or for further information contact

UK REACH IT testing – Invitation to participate

The Model Office will be hosted at Alpha Tower, Birmingham, B1 1TT. We ask that you attend for one day of testing (09:30 arrival for a 10:00 start with wrap-up to complete by 16:00). Although we cannot provide remuneration for travel or subsistence, we will be providing refreshments and lunch on the day. The testing can only be conducted at the Model Office site as this will enable the concurrent testing of all processes from a system user and administrator perspective.

So the testing is as realistic as possible, we ask participants to bring:
• Your own laptops for access to your company email and a web browser (secure internet access is available by Wi-Fi)
• Copies of your REACH information. Any REACH dossiers for the Model Office are required in IUCLID v6.3, please inform us if your dossiers are in an older version of IUCLID as we can provide support in converting these to a more recent version.
The testing will be run on the dates below, please choose a date that is most suitable and let us know by responding to the address below:

Monday 25 February
Tuesday 26 February
Wednesday 27 February
Thursday 28 February
Friday 1 March
Monday 4 March
Tuesday 5 March
Wednesday 6 March
Thursday 7 March
Friday 8 March

We will be providing participants with a full welcome pack and joining instructions prior to the day. If you have any further queries please contact