On the day of the announcement that the vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister has cast further uncertainty on Brexit, FIS has produced for its members a Preparing for Brexit Checklist.  The checklist focusses on the questions that members need to start asking across the Product, Process and People elements of their  business (the three pillars of the FIS Quality in Construction Strategy).  Whilst not exhaustive it aims to help members understand the impact of Brexit and look at potential risk, challenges and opportunities.

Iain McIlwee, FIS CEO says “We are constantly hearing businesses need to start preparing for Brexit.  In fairness Government has started to draw information together but the complexity and volume of information is overwhelming to most small and medium sized businesses.

The simple fact is preparing for Brexit is extremely difficult whilst Brexit is being kicked around like a political football in Westminster and regardless of the outcome or our own views, there remains so much uncertainty and cause for concern out here in the real world.

Instead of trying to predict outcomes, FIS have developed the “Preparing for Brexit Checklist” to help focus on the elements that will most likely impact on our members and help them to adopt a more risk-management based process.  It is all about starting to have the right conversations with staff, sub-contractors, suppliers and customers and identifying where the impact may be.  It is very much a live document and I’m sure our members will help us to shape it further with their questions, comments and views – at the end of the day we are a community and at times like these we need to draw together.”

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