CITB has launched its Digital Skills report – the first in a series of three in its Changing Construction, Changing Skills campaign. ‘Unlocking Construction’s Digital Future: A Skills Plan for Industry‘ provides evidence to help inform decision-making by the construction sector and CITB concerning digital skills.

This report found that the scope for what digital could be used to achieve in construction is vast, however industry is far from realising the full scale of the opportunities. It also sets out digital competency scales and spectrums for the industry.

The report also found that:
• Digital construction is understood to mean different things by different people: Many assume digital construction means Building Information Modelling (BIM) but it is wider than that.
• Much tech that is being used is not at the cutting edge of what is available: Drones, smartphones and tablets are increasingly widely used but really innovative tech – if used at all – is generally limited to small pilots or trials.
• Data and its effective collection, communication and management are central to digital transformation.
• Tech-specific skills aren’t the problem – the broader skills and competencies at various levels need to be addressed.

For an overview, please watch this clip.