Dame Judith Hackitt’s Interim Report, which was published during the week ending 23 December 2017, indicates that a major change to building regulations is coming soon. The new system for building regulations will be ‘output based’ meaning contractors and manufacturers will face tougher requirements to prove they have met the specification and regulations.

FIS believes this is quite clear and challenges industry to provide some of the solutions to compliance evidence and conformity itself; which we are already consulting with manufacturers suppliers and specialist contractors.

Our contributions to date are acknowledged in the report, through the umbrella organisations of the Construction Products Association and Build UK where we engage through the Industry Response Groups (IRG) as well as our direct contact with MHCLG where FIS will continue to submit its comments and contribute to the questions being raised. This is your chance to get your voice heard.

A formal response to the interim report will be submitted by the Construction Products Association on 17 January ahead of a summit meeting with Dame Judith Hackitt on 22 January. FIS will be finalising our comments to CPA by 16 January. Please ensure that we receive any comments by Monday 15 January to info@thefis.org using ‘Comments on the Dame Judith Hackitt Interim Report’ in the subject box.

A full copy of the report can be found by following this link: Independent report: Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety: interim report