UPDATE – Deadline for submissions has been extended to Tuesday 6 February, 5pm.


FIS Skills has launched the new sector-wide digital Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for 2018.

We urge all FIS members to complete the TNA and submit by 6 February 2018. Submissions will provide evidence for the FIS Skills whitepaper on the overall skills need and workforce sustainability of our sector. All those completing the TNA will automatically receive a digital copy.

The skills team will be able to make year-on-year comparisons from the previous TNA results. This sector engagement process will continue up to 2020.

The result also allows the skills team to accurately forecast the demand needs for skills and technical qualifications required to meet your contractual obligations over the next financial year. To ensure we meet our membership’s reported demand and engage our supply chain of approved training providers and partners to fill demand, your response is critical.

The infographic below highlights some of the key analysis findings of the TNA 2017.

FIS Skills Training Needs Analysis 2017

General Information

• Ideally, this survey should be completed by the dedicated person in your organisation responsible for training and development planning, such as a training officer or human resources officer

• All responses for future forecasts should be accurate based on the date of return

• Your TNA returns will be held in confidence and in line with the FIS privacy and data protection policy

• The TNA has an inbuilt save function. You will be asked for your email address and a unique link will be sent to your address returning you to the last question you worked on

Should you require any assistance in completing any section(s) please contact the Project Manager Amanda Scott by email: amandascott@thefis.org where individual appointments can be booked. Amanda will be in touch with all members from 2 January onwards.