Construction Manager, the magazine from CIOB, has published its findings of the recent CDM 2015 Survey. Most prominently, regulations have had limited impact on the construction industry and no apparent impact on its accident rate.

The survey was carried out jointly by Construction Manager and Health and Safety at Work, the magazine of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management. Whilst the principles of CDM 2015 are struggling to be embedded into the industry, working methods established under CDM 2007 and CDM 1994 have proved remarkably resilient, according to the survey.

Survey respondents commented that:

  • a workable system had been made less workable
  • fees and costs had increased without any increase in safety
  • the goal of bringing smaller projects and domestic clients into scope had proved ineffectual

Less than half (46%) of respondents rated today’s compliance with CDM 2015 as good or excellent, compared to the 53% who thought that about CDM 2007. Among the 106 members of the Association for Project Safety (APS) in the sample, there was more scepticism: the recalled compliance rate under CDM 2007 was 56%, while current compliance was put at 43%.

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The CDM 2015 documents can be found on our website here.