FIS president Steve Coley attended the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry’s Annual Convention 26-30 March 2017.

Steve represented FIS at the American association’s event and brought us the latest news, products and systems direct from the convention and Intex Exhibition.


Visiting the Intex exhibition, Steve is checking out the latest technology: plasterboard routing and cutting system:


Here is the latest in estimating software:


Steve demonstrates the new Hilti PD-C. The device captures and saves measurement data directly onto digital photographs taken with a camera integrated into the laser range meter.


Here, Steve demonstrates a Hilti Precision Layout Tool (PLT). The BIM drawing is entered, lasers track around the room and the prism detector sends the information back to the pad to allow the track to be set-out correctly.

This is a CGI of how the Americans deliver plasterboard to buildings up to eight storeys high!