One of the most significant rulings in employment law history came about at the end of last month, when the cab-hailing firm Uber lost a landmark tribunal decision over drivers’ working rights. The tribunal found that as the drivers worked regularly for and were subject to the terms of the firm, that they were not genuinely self-employed, and therefore should be given workers’ rights – such as holiday pay, pensions, and so on.

With Uber set to appeal, the ruling is not yet set in stone. However, it is worth noting at this stage that this could have ramifications for companies in the construction industry who use the same CIS workers on a regular basis, as the same logic could be applied.

FIS will be keeping a close eye on developments and the possible implications for our sector. We will also be responding to the Taylor Review which will look at workers’ rights following the growth of the ‘gig economy’, as this may also impact our sector.