Webinar: Engaging the workforce – what we’ve learnt from Project Happiness

FIS in partnership with The Condor Collective collaborated on Project Happiness to benchmark happiness, culture and engagement in the fit-out sector.

In an industry often associated with high stress and getting the job done as quickly as possible, it’s easy to overlook the importance of happiness and engagement in the workplace. However, creating happiness and higher levels of engagement could be the key to unlocking people performance and productivity. The research shows there is a strong correlation between a positive workplace culture, satisfied and engaged employees, and business productivity and profits. Recognising engagement can sometimes be overlooked or labelled as ‘fluffy’, so we’ve embarked on this initiative in partnership with FIS to help highlight the key metrics business leaders should be investigating.

Project Happiness: Fit-out measures engagement across several topics such as the future of fitout, communication, collaboration, leadership and management, mental health and stress and seeks to inform both employees and business leaders on how we can all help to create a more positive experience for everyone working in the fitout sector.

In this webinar, the Condor Collective shared some of the crucial findings in the Project Happiness report and looked at how this data can be utilised to enhance the fit-out sector.

If you would like to hear more on the insights gleaned from the project as well as suggestions on how you can boost engagement in your business, contact Paula at The Condor Colletive by phone on 07342 337 818 or email paula@thecondorcollective.com

If you are interested in working on your communications, career development and mental health, then you might find the suite of workshops The Condor Collective run on these topics may have enormous impact on engagement.

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