What is FIS BuildBack and how can it help employers

FIS Skills and Training Lead George Swann explained that the FIS BuildBack project offers support for employers who are experiencing labour shortages. The emphasis is on this being of no direct financial cost to employers. There is a need to spend time visiting the training and speaking to individuals in order to convince them the finishes and interiors sector can offer a worthwhile and rewarding career.

Attracting new entrants into the sector is challenging; in additional to the usual challenges experienced by the mainstream construction business’ specialist sectors often face that “triple whammy”. Careers in the sector are poorly promoted, the use of LOSC can stifle visibility and there is a lack of accessible training provision across the UK for specialist occupations.

The BuildBack programme is a series of initiatives which is helping to bring new entrants into the sector and influence training providers to deliver the training employers require. The initial training can be a stand-alone bespoke programme or can be weaved into a wider multi-skills course. The project outcomes are heavily weighted to moving candidates into real jobs – FIS rely on employers giving individuals the opportunity to show what they can do. FIS can also flex the programme to suit the needs of that locality and/or community, for example we are running a cohort in the London area with a focus upon green and zero carbon.

Listen again - What is FIS BuildBack and how can it help employers