Delivering circular solutions with ISG – 18 July

Delivering circular solutions with ISG – 18 July

Webinar: Delivering circular solutions with ISG

Event Details

Date: 18 July 2024
Location: Online
Time: 12:00 – 13:00

What is the session about?

Join this webinar, alongside Peter Kelly, Group Director of Sustainable Operations at ISG, to understand the practicalities of reusing materials which have been donated and then reinstalled onsite. 

This will include: 

  • Finding the right materials 
  • Managing design 
  • Factoring in remanufacturing and repurposing
  • Dealing with logistics and storage
  • Tackling the tricky issues of warranty and insurance
  • Lessons learnt

Materials range from structural steel to door jams to bespoke pieces of furniture. 

We will also take a look at an ongoing initiative which focuses on how the reuse of materials could be more widely adopted across the industry.

What will I achieve?

By the end of the session, you will understand:

  • The practicalities of reusing and reinstalling materials
  • Some of the key challenges involved and how to combat these
  • Tips and tricks for embedding reuse practices into your organisation

What are the attendance requirements? 

Please arrive promptly and stay for the duration. This means arriving no later than 10 minutes to the session and attending the full hour.  

To receive your CPD accreditation and for this to be tracked through your Supply Chain Sustainability School dashboard make sure your full name is reflected on your Zoom account when you join the session.  

Please note, if you fail to meet the attendance requirements, unfortunately you will not be issued a CPD Certificate. 

Can I invite a colleague? 

Yes, you can invite as many colleagues as you’d like. Simply follow the instructions when you click through to register under ‘Add or cancel additional attendees’. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact Lucy.

Delivering circular solutions with ISG – 18 July

The upfront carbon impact of Cat B – 18 July

Webinar:The upfront carbon impact of Cat B

Event Details

Date: 18 July 2024
Location: Online
Time: 12:30 – 13:30

This webinar will discuss research delivered earlier in 2024 which sought to establish the current industry performance level for up front carbon in Cat B office fit out. The industry performance level of 190 kg CO2e/m2 GIA which was provided by that research has fed into both the Net Zero Carbon Building Standard and the BCO Guide for Offices. Zoë Glander from Overbury & Morgan Lovell will describe the process of carrying out that research alongside a consortium of fit out industry experts. Alongside the Cat B performance level, Grigoriou Interiors will present research on quantifying the up front carbon impact of joinery items; as an element of fit out which is traditionally challenging to account for. Both speakers will discuss what we can learn from the research and how the fit out industry can continue to improve data and reduce its impact.

Learning points:

  • What data current exists regarding up front carbon impact in office fit out projects
  • Why performance levels, limits and benchmarks are so difficult to define in office fit out projects
  • How the fit out industry can use the current data to reduce its impact
  • Understand the elements of a fit out that are challenging to account for the carbon impact of and, using joinery as an example, how we can improve data and make the best possible choices