Webinar: Facing the Building Safety Act with live data capture and Artificial Intelligence

Event Details

Date: 22 June 2022
Location: Online
Time: 12:00 – 13:00

The Building Safety Act sets out to change the construction process, shifting the dial towards predictability and evidencing control. Fundamental to the Act is greater emphasis on Information Management and the Regulators will be looking for evidence that before the job starts A Construction Control Plan is in place that includes clear Change Management Protocols. Regulations is not, however, the only driver, inflation and labour shortages are causing us to carefully review productivity and with that look at programme management and waste reduction.

Fundamental to all of this is better management, measurement and recording of progress and the sector need to look to ever more digitalised solutions to support. In this webinar we will provide a brief overview of the Building Safety Act and the Information Requirements and start to look at the type of data we can capture, the benefits of adopting live data capture and how Artificial Intelligence can be used to compare work to design and schedule and report effectively on the project.

For this session we will be focusing on

  • The Building Safety Act and the impact on the supply chain of information management
  • What we mean by live data capture technology and AI
  • What problem the technology addresses and how the technology can be used to transform traditional inefficient construction management process
  • How the technology can be used to make your business or project more efficient, productive, and profitable
  • The relationship between the technology, 3D models and construction management platforms and how they can be used together
  • Why this technology is relevant to the FIS sector with some practical use cases
  • What we are learning from the data we are currently gathering
  • How to get started with the technology and what support is available to support you on your journey
Guest Speaker Aviv Leibovici

Guest Speaker Aviv Leibovici

Co-founder and CPO at Buildots

Guest Speaker Iain McIlwee

Guest Speaker Iain McIlwee

FIS Chief Executive

Chaired by: Chris Grant

Chaired by: Chris Grant

Partnership Manager - Digital Construction Skills