THIS IS ME – I am a Go Construct STEM Ambassador

virtual training for construction industry volunteers

Event Details

Date: 9 February 2023
Location: Online
Time: 12:00 – 13:00

This is Me – I am a Go Construct STEM Ambassador is a fantastic initiative created by STEMFirst, the STEM Ambassador Hub for Lancashire and Cumbria,  and endorsed across the UK by STEM Learning.

  • Our amazing STEM Ambassadors have wonderful, inspirational stories to tell, however often struggle to know what schools want/how they can support young people.
  • Teachers want STEM Ambassador support however ask us, who are the STEM Ambassadors and what can they do / which STEM fields are they from?

Via a 1 hour virtual training session, STEMFirst take STEM Ambassadors through how to prepare a simple, impactful and memorable two slide presentation to showcase who they are as a STEM Ambassador. This resource is personal to YOU, and once prepared will save you time, help develop your confidence and ability to get active , and can be used again and again.

STEMFirst will take you through slide content, key components for a punchy two minute talk and how to talk about yourself in a simple, impactful way. We will show you how you can easily get STEM-active and showcase your own story. We will then illustrate how to ‘OFFER’ these talks via the STEM Ambassador website and highlight why this is such a step change to the way previous STEM Ambassador support has been requested by schools and youth organisations.

The session will also:

  • Showcase construction specific examples of other STEM Ambassadors ‘This is Me’ presentations
  • Highlight how to use This is Me to support various STEM/Construction activity
  • Give you chance to hear from other STEM Ambassadors who have put together this own ‘This is Me’ talks and used them
  • Ask questions