FIS Approved Training Provider Forum

Event Details

Date: 29 September 2022
Location: Online
Time: 14:30 – 16:00

The FIS Approved Training Provider Forum has been formed to direct and support the work of FIS to ensure the views of the FIS members on the delivery of training and qualifications are fairly represented.  This includes the activities and work of:

  • CITB.
  • The Finishes and Interiors Sector Training Group (FISTG).
  • The Education and Skills Funding Agency.

Objectives & Goals:

The FIS Approved Training Provider Forum is to provide a dynamic forum designed to:

  • Exchange best practice.
  • Identify appropriate and consistent support for the sectors employers in the delivery of all types of training and qualifications that will ensure successful outcomes.
  • Discuss activities to preserve the quality of delivery.
  • Support the activities of the Training Group (FISTG).
  • Make recommendations to the FIS Skills Board for the furtherment of training and qualifications within the sector.
  • Determine guidance on employer support to ensure successful delivery.
  • Identify and support innovation and promote best practice in training and qualification delivery.
  • Comment on and contribute to the content of qualifications and standards for the sector.
  • Highlight areas of concern relating to training and qualifications.