Targeted Work Experience

The construction industry has experienced unusually high rates of college learner attrition upwards of 70%, where the students learning construction related skills in college aren’t joining the industry once they finish their training. By offering work experience to the college learners, we wish to broaden their understanding of all things construction, let them experience first-hand the many opportunities that exist within the industry and to promote a lifelong career to the next generation of college learners.

Colleges can sign up to the Fit-out Futures programme enabling their learners to secure work experience with employers.  FIS will take care of all the processes and management associated with taking on a learner for the college and employers. 

  • We vet and assess the suitability of every learner and employer before any introductions to are made.
  • There are no additional costs to the training providers in supplying suitable learners to employers.
  • Work experience can be spread over the calendar year to suit the employer and learner.
  • FIS will provide ongoing support for the duration of the programme.
  • FIS can administer grants to cover expenses for learners to facilitate work experience placements.


Employer benefits of taking on college learners for work experience are:

  • A cost-free initiative for employers to meet social obligations.
  • Employers can meet and personally select candidates they want to offer work experience to ensure they are the best fit for their organisation.
  • Gain mentoring and leadership experience for their current workforce.
  • Work experience dates and schedules are tailored to suit employers needs
  • There are no entry requirements to work experience.

Employers who sign up to providing work experience for the Fit-out Futures programme will be recognised as FIS Sector Skills Champions through our FIS Sector Skills Pledge,  become recognised as an employer who goes the extra mile.

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If you would like to know more or wish to speak to a member of the team please email or ring 0121 707 0077