About the Drywall Contractors Forum

What is the FIS Drywall Contractors Forum?
The FIS Drywall Forum was formed by specialist contractor members to address issues that were common to contractors in the sector.

What do we do?

What are the issues that will need to be addressed?

  • Reducing plasterboard waste
  • Getting a fully qualified workforce
  • Updating standards
  • Looking at alternative ways to improve the health and safety of operatives on site
  • Skills development for the industry

Our vision         

The objectives of the group are to:

  • Develop technical standards as required
  • Promote best practice in the market
  • Educate and inform clients and specifiers about drywall work
  • Promote the products and skills of FIS members in this field
  • Shape the market so that the correct adherence to standards is recognised and adhered to by all to the benefit of clients
  • Improve main contractor relations
  • Monitor commercial and legal issues

Chairman of The FIS Drywall Forum is Mark Grocock, Managing Director of Bespoke Drywall: “There is going to be a huge shortage of skilled operatives unless we attract and train a new generation to train and importantly get them site-ready. We have seen a huge growth in the use of drywall in the residential sector, where sound and fire performance is paramount, and where we have seen a growing expectation on the standard of finish; this is something the sector should welcome, but one where an acceptance on what can realistically be achieved requires standardisation and explanation from a forum such as this.”

Companies and organisations who have contributed to this group


BDL Group

Bespoke Drywall

Drewmore Interiors

Dulley Ceilings and Partitions

Grimes Finishing

Horbury Group

London Drywall

Mansell Finishes