Partitioning and Ironmongery

This guide has been written tooutline the process and considerations that need to be taken in order to manage social distancing effectively through the use of partitioning and ironmongery.

The guide has been produced by FIS, working with Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI), to help business owners understand the needs of its workforce and use partitioning to safely divide its workspace.

Images posted on social media have shown some questionable and potentially unsafe installations of glass installed on desks, plastic sheeting suspended from string and fire exits impeded.

The guide, which calls for changes to the style and layout of traditional open plan offices and other workspaces as a result of the pandemic, provides practical guidance to help business owners understand key considerations they need to make when adapting their workplaces. It aims to provide advice as to how to create the correct solution, and be aware of the implications of impeeding ventilation rates which has been shown to be a key component of providing a safe working environment.

The document provides guidance on balancing performance with aesthetics, considering existing services, lighting and ventilation, meeting the Building Regulations and considering future flexibility and dilapidations.

It also takes users through a decision making process map. 


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