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FIS membership is not automatic and applicants are subject to a strict vetting procedure; ongoing vetting builds on this process to help raise, maintain and ensure continuity of standards for the mutual benefit of members and clients.

Main aims of vetting:

  • Vetting of FIS members recognises and promotes good practice industry-wide.
  • Vetting helps maintain minimum standards of all members.
  • Vetting demonstrates FIS members are quality companies that provide a quality service.
  • FIS is seen as a mark of quality by all.

Ongoing vetting occurs every three years and consists of an on-site assessment plus a detailed documentary review. On-site assessment involves a one-hour examination of a completed fit-out or refurbishment project by an assessor with over 25 years’ experience in the interiors sector.

The documentary review includes proof of financial viability, tax status (CIS scheme authentication), commitment to training the workforce, and that the company meets various mandatory legal obligations.

Ongoing vetting allows specifiers to see the clear benefit in using FIS members along the whole supply chain – why risk using someone who can’t translate your vision into reality, or might supply or install an unsuitable product?

There is assistance and technical support for any member who fails to meet any of the specified criteria, and an opportunity to improve is given – the aim is to enhance the interiors sector, not harm it.  Training for contractor operatives is also supported by the Association’s many supplier members, who are committed to seeing their products used correctly and safely.  The Association is confident that contractor members will have no trouble in meeting the on-site assessment criteria.

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