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The Joint Taxation Committee (JTC) consists of representatives from 11 major trade federations operating in construction as a means of jointly lobbying on those tax issues that affect firms in the industry.

It acts as specialist resource to member trade federations providing a source of high quality technical knowledge about all the taxes that apply to construction businesses. It produces guidance for member federations and their members illustrating how normal commercial practice can be monitored and, sometimes adapted, to allow good tax compliance.

Current issues under discussion with Government and HMRC are:

  • the tax treatment of payments for project bank accounts
  • the levels of penalties experienced for minor failures in CIS

Our relationship with trade federations and construction firms gives the JTC a valuable understanding of the pressures and demands placed on construction companies in relation to tax compliance and payment. This experience is vital when lobbying Government and HMRC for those measures which will help firms in the industry meet the requirements placed on them by legislation. It is essential to be able to give examples from day to day business experience and bring forward firms who can give a personal account of how legislation or compliance requirements affect their trade.

The Construction Industry’s Joint Taxation Committee produces a monthly Newsline which FIS members can download below. This contains helpful information on industry tax issues.

Members can contact the tax helpline for free telephone advice. Further details are below.

Tax helpline

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JTC Newsline

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Current Edition – JTC Newsline – March 2021

This edition of Newsline looks at the points of interest from the Budget. It also covers the new tax codes and advisory fuel rates.

There is also a very useful flow chart for Reverse VAT, which can be used if you are unsure on when it is to be applied. There is also guidance on off-payroll working – if your business is medium or large you must complete CEST tests now and act on what you find.

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Liz Bridge is the secretary of the JTC and has been in post since 1990. She began her career with HMRC on their fast track scheme training graduate inspectors to take charge of local tax offices. She managed a local office, moved to tax a major bank and then went on to work on international issues in a policy role. In 1990 she left HMRC to become Head of Tax at the then Building Employers Confederation (BEC) and to run the Joint Tax Committee as it’s Secretary.