Interior Systems Offer

(Ceiling Fixers, Drylining Fixers, Drylining Finishers and Plasterers)

Interior Systems Offer

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What is the offer?

The offer is a fast track route for experienced drylining ceiling fixers, drylining fixers, drylining  finishers,  drylining boarders and plasterers to upgrade from their current card to a Blue Skilled Worker CSCS card in one day for £700 + VAT.  

If you are directly employed by a company or sub-contract for a company that is in scope to CITB.  Your company may be eligible to claim up to £600 via the CITB Short-Period Qualification Grants – and if you need any help with the paperwork, our team will help you to tiptoe through the paperwork – it isn’t too complicated, we promise!  (FIS cannot guarantee that CITB will pay the grant)

Why should I upgrade?

To help manage risk contractors are increasingly moving to fully carded sites – checking that people with the right qualifications, competent to do the work are used.  To ensure your skills get the recognition you deserve – if you have a Green Labourer or a Red Trainee card or no card at all and are experienced this is a fast-track route to upgrade to a Blue Skilled Worker CSCS card.  Remember, if you are currently operating on an old CRO card, once that expires they WILL NOT BE RENEWED. Turn your experience into a qualification so you can gain the correct CSCS card for your job role.

What is the fast track process?

You won’t spend any days away from site to gain your qualification as the assessment is carried out on site.  The fast track route is designed specifically for tradespeople who already have adequate experience in the relevant trade & following a quick conversation, we can gauge your experience:

  • Ceiling Fixer
  • Drylining Fixer
  • Drylining Finisher
  • Drylining Boarder
  • Plastering 
  1. Confirmation of qualification and route with employer or candidate
  2. On site assessment booked in for a specific date
  3. On site assessment carried out watching the candidate working and carrying out their daily role.
  4. Professional discussion with candidate and supervisor/manager to work as witness testimony.
  5. Portfolio IQA’d (Internally quality assured) and completion claimed.
  6. Certificate posted out
How long does it take?

This route takes a day where our NVQ assessor visits you (operative) on site and obtains witness testimonies directly from you, your supervisor and/or manager.  The assessor will gather the evidence required to complete the NVQ portfolio.

On successful completion of the course, our trainers will send your information to the awarding body, who will issue an NVQ Level 2 certificate.  This can take between 3–4 weeks.  Once in receipt of your certificate you can order your Blue Skilled Workers card directly from CSCS which take another 3–4 weeks to come through.  For you to be qualified and carded can take up to 8 weeks.

Who is eligible for this offer?

All those working in the drylining Ceiling Fixer, Drylining Fixer, Drylining Finisher and Drylining Boarder trade who currently hold a CRO card,  Green Labourer or Red Trainee CSCS card or no card in the same trade. In order to qualify you must be competent working in one of the trades outlined above. We can gauge your competency/experience with a quick conversation at the start of the process.

Please note you will only be able to claim up to £600 from the CITB Short-Period Qualification Grants  if you pass the assessment.  If you fail the assessment CITB will not pay the grant.

Non-FIS members can also take advantage of this offer upon joining FIS membership

Where will the training take place and by whom?

FIS will be using Construction Skills People situated across the UK.  We will book your place once you have registered in taking up the offer.  Course dates will be set based on demand from enquiries.

How do I pay for the course?

If you are directly employed by a company or sub-contract to a company, subject to successful credit checks, payment will be due 30 days after the completion of the course.

If you are an individual payment will be required upfront.

Where can I go for further enquiries?

Email us at for any enquiries and more information.