FIS Advisory Service

FIS offers an Advisory Service on issues relating to commercial installations, covering all matters relating to suspended ceilings, partitioning, drylining, plastering and access floors. This covers materials, ancillary equipment, systems, their application and installation.

FIS has a panel of competent persons, experienced in the interiors industry, who can be called upon.  Arrangements in connection with the FIS Advisory Service are:

  • In the event of the request arising from a dispute, it would be necessary for you to inform all the parties concerned that you are engaging the FIS to examine and report on the installation and that the report will be submitted to you.
  • The FIS written report will be simply a technical opinion and will in no way purport to be a judgement or adjudication between the parties.
  • FIS does not hold itself responsible for the use to which the parties concerned put the technical report or expert opinion, and only participates on this clear understanding.
Cost and payment

Administration Fee (formatting of documentation, postage, telephone calls, faxes etc)
FIS members: FOC        Non members:        £150.00

Consultant’s Rate (inc site visits and report writing)
Monday – Friday

Hours from 0700 – 1900 Standard Rate
(currently £60 per hour for FIS members, £120 per hour for non-members)
Hours from 1900 – 0700 Standard Rate plus 50%

Weekend work (classed as Friday 1900 – Monday 0700)
Hours from 0700 – 1900 Standard Rate plus 30%
Hours from 1900 – 0700 Standard Rate plus 80%

Bank/Public Holidays (must be a holiday in the location where the site to be inspected is based)
Hours from 0700 – 1900 Standard Rate plus 30%
Hours from 1900 – 0700 Standard Rate plus 80%

Travelling Time: £50 per hour
Expert Witness Fees: By negotiation
Expenses: At cost
VAT: As applicable rate (currently 20%)

(a)    An ‘on account’ payment of £756 (£630 + VAT) is required with the instructions to proceed from non-members, before an FIS consultant can be appointed.  This payment will be deducted from the final invoice for the work.  This amount is equivalent to the administration fee, and a minimum four hours’ consultancy and VAT.

(b) Once the report is complete and costs calculated an invoice for works carried out to date will be issued. The report will not be released until this invoice is paid. This applies to both members and non-members.

(c)    Invoices are payable 14 days from the date of the invoice.  If payment is not made within the 14-day period it will be subject to interest at base rate + 8%, as outlined in the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.  The amount is net and not subject to any trade or settlement discounts.

Appoint an independent advisor

If you wish to appoint a consultant via the FIS Advisory Service please supply the information requested here via email to  Upon receipt, we will send you a ‘clients appointment letter’, which you will need to sign and return to FIS, together with an official order including an order number. Non-members will also be sent an invoice to cover the on-account payment.

Arrangements will be made for the Adviser to contact you to arrange a site visit when the signed ‘clients appointment letter’ payment terms and an order have been received alongside a copy of the Covid-19 site operating procedures, in line with the current Government recommendations, for review to ensure there are adequate provisions for site visitors.

Reviews and endorsements

‘It was good to talk through my project with FIS; I wasn’t sure if they’d be able to help, however they understood what I needed straight away.’

Lee Cowling, Minster