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Experts in Cash Flow Solutions

Cash Flow Helpline, for when you need advice for managing your cash flow

Since 2007, BABR have been dedicated to assisting entrepreneur and business owners to bouncing back to financial stability, resetting their finance strategies, and achieving remarkable success in their ventures.

They have an unrivalled track recording in providing business credit control, debt recovery, commercial finance, and insolvency solutions.

Business is tough. Whether you’re facing overwhelming debt, managing a challenging financial situation, or seeking crucial commercial funding, they’ve got your back. They treat their clients with respect, honesty, and authenticity, creating an environment of trust and collaboration.  Their commitment to fairness and trust sets them apart. They provide a genuinely helpful service balanced with professional delivery. 

As your dedicated cash flow partner, BABR will help you consider your options, empowering you to make the right choices. They’ll give you the courage you need to take the necessary steps towards success. FIS members don’t have to face challenging financial situations alone, BABR are here to help you overcome them.

Commercial Finance

A wide range of options for businesses to help them support their operations, achieve their financial goals and maximise their financial resources. These solutions arecatalysts to improve cash flow or restructure existing debt.

Debt Recovery

For the pursuance of and to obtain payment from clients who have failed to meet their financial obligation to you.  To retrieve outstanding funds and restore cash flow issues.

Credit Control

For managing and monitoring a business’s credit and ensuring that customers and clients fulfill their payment obligations.  To minimise the risk of bad debts and late payments, thereby maintaining a healthy cash flow.


For when a business is unable to their financial obligations and pay its debts when they fall due.  Insolvency is a critical financial condition, with several consequences such as legal action and liquidation of assets.  Potential solutions may be pursued to address the challenges such as debt restructuring or creditor negotiations.

Some Examples of Scenarios
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We’re looking to acquire a warehouse but don’t have the funds for the upfront investment.

We have Short-term cash flow gaps while waiting on some long-term financing approval,

We’re going through a slow period of business and have a large, unexpected expense.

We’re investing in growth but delays in client payments are impacting our cash flow and hindering our plans

We need to invest in new equipment and upgrade existing machinery, to improve efficiency and competitiveness. We don’t have the funds to do this.

We want to roll out some expansion initiatives, by investing in marketing and advertising campaigns but can’t fund it.

To transition ownership we need to facilitate a management buy-out.

We need to manage our trade credit terms with suppliers and clients

We’re looking at financing a large-scale development project but don’t know where to turn to finance it.

We’ve completed a project, but despite the agreed payment terms, the client consistently delays payment, causing cash flow strain for the business.

We lack dedicated staff to manage credit control effectively. We’re stretched thin managing day-to-day operations and find it challenging to allocate sufficient time and expertise to chase outstanding invoices, resulting in mounting accounts receivable and cash flow issues.

We rely on manual invoicing and paper-based collection processes. Invoices frequently get lost or delayed, leading to inaccuracies in payment tracking and reconciliation.

A long-standing client has fallen behind on their payments due to financial difficulties. We need to delicately communicate the importance of timely payments while preserving the client relationship, but balancing assertiveness and diplomacy is difficult. 

We’re experiencing erratic payment patterns from clients, making it challenging to predict cash flow accurately. As a result, we’re struggling to plan for upcoming expenses, investment opportunities, or expansion initiatives.

We’re taking on a new client with a substantial project but don’t have access to sufficient information to assess their creditworthiness.

We’ve got a single, large, outstanding Debt with a client who is not paying and will not engage with us to resolve, this is putting pressure on our cash flow.

We’re struggling to pay our debts, our cash flow is limited and we’re not meeting our financial obligations

Our liabilities exceed our assets, causing a long-term financial issue.  We don’t know how to redress the balance.

We’ve been in business for years but feel now is the right time to shut up shop.

BABR have partnered with FIS and have a dedicated helpline and resources available for our members, offering support and advice in all areas of credit control, debt recovery, commercial finance, and insolvency solutions.  They will also contribute regular, informative content on financial topics for our SpecFinish trade magazine and co-host webinars on subjects that are important to our members.

BABR prides itself on treating clients with respect, honesty, and authenticity while fostering an environment of trust and collaboration. Their core values are Trust, Authenticity, Courage and Impact.

Helpline: 03332 419 014

Helpline: Open Monday – Friday between 09:30 and 17:30. 

Triage calls followed by a Free, No Obligation, Consultation with an expert arranged at a mutually convenient time.  A voicemail option is available for out-of-hours or unanswered calls.  All calls will be handled in the strictest of confidence.